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Here is what another client had to say about the program:

Lloyd called from Louisiana to let us know how excited he was about having a D&B Paydex score of 80 and an Experian Intelliscore of 86 (both excellent scores), and that he had close to $100,000 in business lines of credit, a new tractor trailer for his electrical business, a $30,000 line of credit on a new bank credit card and that he was about to lease a new car, all without any personal guarantees. Needless to say, he was pretty happy, and he promised to tell everyone he new about the program. We formed his corporation on 2/28/05, and then began working on his company's credit. Although the entire process took a little over 3 months, Lloyd was able to get unsecured credit lines without any personal guarantees from day one!

Robette from Houston wrote on 11/11/05: "I've recommended you to all the people on my message board that are looking for business credit help. I hope some people come forward because you are a jewel!"


Matt from California called in April 2009

"I wanted to let you know that because of my business credit scores I was able to get a new truck through Ford Motor Credit for $45,000 with nothing down even though my personal credit scores are in the low 600s. Thanks for your help."

Here is what one client in Florida wrote on 12/3/08

Hi Jim, Although I have thanked you many times over the years, here's another big THANK YOU! It's comforting knowing that you are always available in supporting me and my business.  Thanks Jim and have an Awesome evening! With Kindest and Highest Regards, Stevie : )

Ted from Wyoming wrote on 12/15/08 

"Thanks for everything you did starting back in 2005 in helping us to build a strong business credit profile, and for helping us to maintain those credit lines including a $25,000 cash line without a personal guarantor. Now during these tough times our corporation has become a true blessing allowing us to move forward even though we are facing some personal hardships.