Get the financing you need now while building a strong business credit profile for the future. Our program will help you to get credit immediately, get a Paydex score quickly and efficiently, build an "ultimate" business credit profile, and most importantly, show you how to get the cash credit you need through our "Cash Credit Strategies".

We help you in every aspect of your business credit including building your profiles with all business credit agencies, and then we continue to monitor your files keeping you abreast of any changes as well as updated on the information needed to maintain your profiles well into the future.

No matter where you are in your credit development, we can tailor a plan and a price to fit your needs.

  • Complete and proper set up of your business credit files.
  • Assistance in building an "ultimate" business credit profile which includes helping you to set up needed credit lines without using a personal guarantee.
  • Long term monitoring and assistance with your credit files.
  • Accurate lists of reporting vendors updated on an ongoing basis.
  • Assistance with your corporate formalities including State & Federal filings, By-Laws, Operating Agreements, Minutes & Meetings, tax saving ideas and much more.
  • Assistance in obtaining cash credit through our "Cash Credit Strategies" at no additional or back-end costs.
  • Help in finding and procuring the products, services and cash credit lines you need to build and run your business.

We have been providing our clients with quality business credit services for 38 years so before making a decision on a matter as important to you as your business credit, the life blood of your company, call us for the answers to all of your questions. We can help you to determine what will work, and what will not.

Not only do we offer the most comprehensive program available with important benefits that no one else offers, but it all comes with a low price and a risk free guarantee! Give us a call today to get all of the details.


If you need cash quickly, we can help you with unsecured - no document lines of credit issued to your business.

Get the job done fast, and get it done right.

ABD was one of the first companies to offer accelerated business credit consulting services. We have the experience and the knowledge to get the job done. Call us for the facts on what does and what does not work before you make the commitment to move forward.

Even during a difficult economy:

We know what banks and other major lenders look for when deciding to approve or deny loan applications, and what you need to do to be approved.

We know what you need to do to be approved for vehicle & equipment loans and leases through your business so that you can protect your personal credit files and maximize your tax deductions.

  • Eliminate the need for personal guarantees.
  • Receive tens of thousands of dollars in business credit.
  • Lower your interest rates.
  • Lower your insurance rates.
  • Prepare your company to be able to take advantage of any future opportunities.

Building a strong business credit profile enabling you to get the credit you need, when you need it, is the cornerstone of success. During these trying economic times it is especially important to pay close attention to your corporate finances and formalities, and we have the expertise to give you the guidance you will need. If you are serious about your business, then we want to help you. Call today: (702) 326-1393

Need cash right away? Ask about our "Cash Credit Strategies".

If you need a new entity, we have a Special Package that will help you to set things up properly. See our Specials page.


  • Finding you substantial business credit while building a strong business credit profile for your company with all of the tools you need to maintain that profile.
  • Helping you to eliminate the need for personal guarantees on business debt.
  • Helping you to find the long term financing needed for growth.
  • Ongoing access to our staff for questions and assistance when you need it.
  • Personal coaching through the entire process and in the future.
  • Reasonably priced complete incorporating services in any state when and if you need it.

Don't let a lack of capital keep your business from growing. Get immediate financing on the products and services you need.

Receive Tens of Thousands of dollars in business credit lines all without personal guarantees.

Steps to Success

  A good business credit rating is critical to your success. All businesses use the financial markets in one form or another to enhance their growth. Find out how successful businesses achieve their goals. Learn how to approach bankers and other types of lenders so that you stand a better chance of being funded. Learn about the different financing avenues available to help you build your business, and learn how to access these forms of financing. 

  1. Build a strong business credit profile for your company in the shortest possible time.
  2. From the beginning receive thousands of dollars in business credit designed around your company's needs all without personal guarantees.
  3. Organize your books and records so that your company puts its best foot forward.
  4. Determine your best sources for funding.
  5. Find those lenders that will be most interested in working with your company.
  6. Learn how to approach banks and other lending institutions for the capital you need.

Whether you have a new business idea and need help getting it properly structured and off the ground, or have an established small business that needs financing to grow, we can help. If you are signing personally on most of your business debt, or if you need organizational services to professionalize your company, we can help.

If you are trying to raise financing from a bank, leasing company, venture capital firm or any other lender, you must be prepared. You must show why you need the money, how and when you will pay it back and you must be able to convince the lender that you always pay your bills on time. Our "Accelerated Credit Service" will not only get you substantial lines of credit for the products and services you need, but will help you to prepare your business so that you are able to borrow the capital you need for growth.


  • Tens of thousands in available credit without personal guarantees.
  • Lower interest rates and insurance rates.
  • Lower risk to your personal assets.
  • The ability to negotiate loans, lines of credit or equipment leases.

Call (702) 326-1393 for all of the details on how this unique program may be able to help your business. The call is free, and there is no obligation.


Do you need a properly formed corporation or LLC? Do you have a professional business plan? Click here for more about these services. Have you thought about incorporating in Nevada? Click here to see if it will benefit you - Nevada.

As an added bonus for our clients we offer financial reviews, business plan analysis, tax savings ideas, investment banking introductions and more.

Call ABD to find out how to build a strong business credit profile without personal guarantees. Complimentary report available. 

Save Thousands in Excessive Interest Payments

 If for no other reason, building a good business credit rating should be done as quickly as possible in order to lower your overall interest rate on borrowed funds. A good rating is one of the main criteria used by lending institutions when determining the rate of interest that you will be required to pay on the money they loan you. A significant reduction in rates can be achieved by having a good credit rating. The following charts give an example of the types of savings possible: 


To Summarize Why You Need A Good Business Credit Rating:

  • Your business credit rating is the first thing a potential lender will look for.
  • Lower interest rates for substantial savings.
  • Access to funding that may not otherwise be available.
  • Higher potential for long term success.


We can do in a few short weeks what it could take years to accomplish on your own!

Without following the proper procedures in establishing business credit it can literally take years to build a meaningful rating with the major business credit reporting agencies. Many companies never establish a good rating, or they make mistakes along the way that “red flag” their account. Mistakes which can be difficult if not impossible to repair.

By establishing a good business credit rating you can receive lines of credit with the vendors of your choice, lease equipment, arrange loans, buy real estate, reduce your interest costs and more, often without personal guarantees.

Do not let a lack of liquidity cause your business to fail!

Without a good credit rating you may be relegated to doing business on a cash basis, be required to sign personally for non-cash purchases, or you may run the risk of complete failure for lack of liquidity.

The 2 main credit reporting agencies, D&B with their Paydex score and Experian with their Intelliscore, rate millions of companies worldwide on a scale of 1 to 100. A score of 75+ is considered excellent, and would compare to a personal FICO score of 750+.

ABD’s “Accelerated Credit Service”

 American Business Development will guide you through the process of building your business credit rating over a 3-4 month period helping you to establish a rating of 75+ with Dun & Bradstreet while also building your credit rating with the other major reporting agencies at the same time. The process starts with ABD filing on your behalf with D&B to acquire your Duns Number so that you can begin to build your D&B Paydex Score. We will carefully evaluate your current corporate presence to insure that your business entity will not raise any “red flags” with the various reporting agencies. We then guide you through the process of establishing credit in an orderly manner with vendors that will report your on-time payments to the reporting agencies like D&B and Experian. Toward the end of the process we will help you with introductions to lending and leasing companies that can help your company grow. Our involvement continues for a full 12 months or more, monitoring your progress with the reporting agencies, and reviewing your financial statements before their submission to D&B to enhance your overall corporate presence. The process is not only designed to build the rating your business needs to succeed, but to help you develop the habits that will insure your long term success. 


Do not become another statistic!

Far too few companies survive their first few years in business. The number 1 reason: “Lack of Capital.” Let ABD help you to develop the “Tools for Success” your business needs to prosper.